How Many Mistakes Do You Make When Cleaning Your Apartment?


By this point in your life, cleaning should be easy, but there are some mistakes that many people often still make. Take a look at some of these great apartment cleaning tips that will make your apartment cleaning much easier. One common mistake to avoid in your apartment is using one cleaning product for every task. Only use disinfectants for disinfecting, not […]

Allergen-Proof Your Apartment with these Simple Tips


Perhaps you’ve noticed a good amount of dust in your apartment lately, or you simply have been sneezing a lot. Regardless, make note of the following apartment cleaning tips and remove allergens from your home. Wash stuffed animals in the washing machine. If for some reason you can’t wash them, put them in a plastic bag and […]

3 Easy Ways to Cut Down on the Junk Mail


If you still even check your mailbox you may notice that the uptick on junk mail is a really easy buzz kill for your apartment living. If you’d like to cut back on all that wasted mail that you never even open, here are some tips. Opt Out: One of the things we all get […]

Thinking of Bringing a New Pet Home? Here’s Some Tips to Help Out


While you may have just found a pet friendly apartment, some apartment moving tips that you may not have considered include reading your lease agreement to confirm that your breed will be allowed in the community and making yourself aware of what the deposit is to have a pet in your apartment. There are a […]

Taking the Smell Out of the Trash


Us apartment dwellers unfortunately have learned that trash can smell and leave an unpleasant odor throughout our entire living spaces! There are some tricks, however, to help reduce the smell of trash, and we wanted to share a few of these tips with you below: Line the bottom of your trash bags with baking soda. It […]

Avoiding the Chemicals: Vinegar Makes a Great Window Cleaner


We often use our Apartment Allure blog to share green apartment cleaning tips, and we have another one to add to the list. While commercial window cleaning solutions are filled with chemicals that are potentially hazardous to both the users and the environment, a safer and cost-effective solution is to mix some white vinegar with water. To make […]

Smart Solutions for Cleaning the Painted Walls in Your Apartment


If your apartment allows for painted walls, you certainly want to preserve this part of your apartment decor by keeping them clean. Be sure you do that the right way, so that your handiwork is preserved. Here are some cleaning tips for painted walls: Determine what kind of paint you’re cleaning. If you’ve done the job […]

How to Ensure a Quick Clean-Up After a Party in Your Apartment


Who doesn’t love a party? And, who doesn’t loathe the cleanup? You can take some of the hassle out of clean up by planning ahead. Consider these party cleanup tips. Start clean. This might seem counter-intuitive. After all, the clean up usually comes after the mess. By starting with a clean apartment, you’ll not get involved […]

7 Essential Cleaning Supplies for Moving Out of Your Apartment


When you move into an apartment, you usually sign a lease stating how long the contract is for. Whether you are preparing to move out following a long or short-term contract, you will likely want to get your security deposit back! So long as there are no damages or issues with unpaid rent, there should […]

Use These Tips to Prepare Your Apartment for Summer Guests


Summertime guest season has arrived! With the kids out of school, and the adults having vacation time, many of us get to host friends and loved ones in our apartment this time of year. Make preparing for summer guests a breeze, with these tips. Turn the bathroom into a hotel-style guest bathroom. Remove your personal […]